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What is Link Exchanging?
One of the most challenging aspects of owning an ecommerce web site (or any other sort of web site) is driving traffic to your site. One of the easiest and least-cost approaches is through exchanging links with another web site owner. A link exchange is when you link to another site which, in return, links to you. This link exchange helps to drive more traffic to your site.

Harness the power of connections with Links Valet link exchange management software.

How Does Links Valet Help?

Managing one way links, outbound links, inbound links and reciprocal links can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Links Valet helps streamline link management by allowing other site owners to submit links to you via your web site. All submitted links remain invisible until you approve them. You have full editing capability as well as sort order and banner management.

Hosted for Convenience

Links Valet is hosted software which means there is nothing to download, just connect to your links page with simple copy/paste HTML links provided by our code generator. No time-consuming setup on your server, no IT expense. Just copy & paste the links from the administrator's code generator onto your web site and you are ready to go.

Fully Customizable

Like all Agenne software, Links Valet is fully customizable to match the look and feel of your web site. No cookie-cutter templates, no limited color schemes, when we say "fully customizable", we mean it. Even the URL is customizable. You may setup a subdomain such as and use that as the URL to the link pages.

How Does it Work?

Links Valet has three main pages: the links page where you will display all of the links you provide to other web sites, the banners page (optional) where you display banners or other graphics that you want other site owners to use as links when linking to you, and the Submit-A-Link page where other site owners enter their site information for you to link to them. When another site owner enters a link, you can approve it with a single click - it really is that easy!

What About Spammers?

In recent years, form spam has become a bigger headache for web site owners than email spam. This is why we developed AgenneSentinel Anti-Spam Technology which is built into Links Valet. No confusing Captcha image (scrambled numbers and letters), no questions to answer or objects to identify, just your link submission form protected by our advanced technology. AgenneSentinel will quarantine any link submission it considers to be spam and you have the option of releasing the quarantined link at any time. All robots and most human spammers will be blocked automatically.

How Much Does it Cost?

Links Valet is just $19 per month and your first month of live service is free. When you sign up for Links Valet, it is in "Test Mode". While in Test Mode, you can list up to 5 links on your links page. When you "go live" this limitation is removed and your first month of live service is free. And you can keep Links Valet in Test Mode for as long as you like while you customize it to look like the rest of your site. There is no setup fee, no hidden fees, on contracts, no obligation and you may cancel at any time. And don't forget our free and unlimited technical support!

What are you waiting for? Click "Start Test Drive" above to get started today!

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