Ecommerce Software Sunday, June 4, 2023 

The power of a single line of code

The simplest and easiest way to add Agenne View to your business website is with a single line of code similar to the following:

(where 000 represents your Client ID)

And that is all there is to it! That single line of HTML code will link your website to your catalog "root" (or home) page. The "root" page displays your "top level" categories. From there, the shopper can drill down to any category or product they wish. As the owner, you can add links from any page of your website directly to any category or sub-category as well as directly to specific products.

In addition, you may add links to specific categories and items. This allows you to create many different pathways through your site for visitors to reach your items.

Inside the Administrator, you may use the code generator to automatically write the HTML code that you will need to integrate with your ecommerce website.

If you are also using our CustomCart ecommerce software or Registry Valet, their "Add to Cart" and "Add to Registry" buttons will appear automatically on each Product Display Page.

Other aspects of the software, such as the Search form, can be added to any page of your website. The code generator provides the simple HTML form code that you can cut-and-paste.

We Can Help!
Are you concerned about adding the HTML code yourself? We are available to help you at no charge via our FAQs, Internet Support Request system, and direct phone and email help. For a small fee, we can even write the HTML for you - contact us today for a price quotation.

In addition to the ability to add the entire catalog with a single link, you may also access any specific category or item with a direct link as well. This allows you to put links directly to special items right on the home page of your ecommerce website or link directly to various categories from the home page - all with simple HTML links!

Within the software, there are 3 main types of pages that your customers will view:

1. Catalog Display
These pages show your categories and sub-categories. The shopper can navigate through your catalog to find the items that they are looking for. Through the use of a custom HTML header and simple style settings, you can affect the look of virtually every element on every page including category thumbnail size, menu link size, typeface, color, and mouseover effects. In addition, the number of rows and columns of category thumbnails can be changed through the administrator to instantly change the layout of these pages.

2. Category Display
These pages display thumbnails of the various items within a category. They are reached by either navigating through the catalog or from a direct link that you may provide on any page of your ecommerce web site. Virtually all aspects of the Category Display Pages can be customized to match the look and feel of your web site.

3. Product Display
These pages show individual products and include the specific text, links, and Add-to-Cart and/or Add-to-Registry buttons that you may make available to the shopper. Not only are these pages extremely customizable, but you may also request a FREE customization to show off your products in the very best way.


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