Ecommerce Software Sunday, June 4, 2023 

  • Easy-to-use comprehensive ecommerce catalog managment and presentation system
  • Create a stunning catalog to show off your products using the customizable user interface. Start simple with just your logo and basic page alignment or go all out with our advanced custom HTML page headers & footers, background wallpaper, page color, page width and more!
  • Can be added to any web site with simple HTML links and forms which can be automatically created by our easy-to-use code generator.
  • Web-based, icon-driven Administrative Management System
  • Smart Search system learns from your customers over time so that it can present relevant search terms based on what is typed into the form field
  • Supports related items and related categories
  • Supports both hard goods and downloadable products
  • Add related, downloadable files such as .PDF informational documents to any item page
  • Add related links to any item
  • Items can be sorted into any order you wish
  • Categories can be sorted into any order you wish
  • "New Products" category will spotlight your most recent additions
  • Products can be "linked" to allow, for example, both a hard copy of a software product as well as a downloadable version for purchase on the same page
  • All products may have an unlimited number of user-selectable options such as size, color, finish, or any option you desire
  • Automatic thumbnail image generation (you upload the main image and our system will create the item thumbnail properly sized, color-corrected, and sharpened)
  • Automatic HTML Meta Tags for page title, keywords, and description to improve search engine visibility
  • Create as many product categories and sub-categories as you need and upload as many products to your catalog as you like!
  • Automatic integration with CustomCart and Registry Valet for full e-commerce and gift registry capability.
  • FREE open-ended testing period and first month of "live" service is free of charge. SIGN UP TODAY!
  • No obligation - cancel at any time
  • Item status can be managed individually by item and set to "Available", "Temporarily out of stock", "Discontinued", "Call for Pricing", "Not Available for Immediate Shipment", and more. This allows you to carefully control the items that shoppers purchase.
  • The Product Status Report allows you to easily see all items in your catalog in one place and it helps you identify problem issues such as multiple instances of the same item in the catalog with different prices

Scalable, Powerful, Affordable Ecommerce Software

Agenne View allows you the flexibility to design your online catalog in virtually any layout or format you wish. Create an unlimited number of main categories with an unlimited number of sub-categories to properly display the items you sell.

Extremely Customizable
Using your own html header and footer for every page creates an online shopping experience for your customers that completely matches the design of your web site. Using Cascading Style Sheets, you can further manipulate nearly every element of your pages including link menus, buttons, text, backgrounds, and more!

Smart Search
The advanced Smart Search system provides an intuitive and powerful search facility that will help you sell more. The software can be configured to present automatic suggestions which it has learned over time from your customers' search habits. Using both a TypeAhead feature within the form field and a drop-down list of additional suggestions, relevant terms can be presented to your customers as they type.

Easy HTML Setup
Simple HTML forms and links are all that is required to add View to your existing ecommerce web site. Our code generator will automatically create the code that you need to copy and paste into the pages of your site. No programming required - just cut and paste!

Scalable Performance
Scalability ensures that no matter how many itemss you wish to display to your customers, our system performance will scale up to meet your needs.

Display pages can include downloadable document files such as PDF or Word document files for additional information about your products - all easily managed through our ecommerce software administrator.

You may easily setup related categories which will create automatic links to other "You may also like..." categories.

Each item can have an unlimited number of options such as size, color, shape, or any other kind of optional selection.

Full search capability means that your itemss are easily found by your customers. Adding keywords will result in the addition of an automatic HTML "meta" tag for keywords that search engines such as Google and Yahoo can use for indexing yout pages.

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