Ecommerce Software Sunday, June 4, 2023 

Powerful ecommerce software, nearly effortless management.
View's intuitive icon-driven user interface makes managing your ecoommerce catalog a breeze. Every function is right at your fingertips.

Maintain Categories  (Click thumbnail for full sized image)
Using icons and simple forms, you can create the basic layout of your entire catalog by building a tree structure of categories and sub-categories. It begins with creating top-level categories by clicking the "Add New Top-Level Category" icon in the icon menu. You may create as many top-level categories as you wish.

Next, you may wish to add sub-categories. You may create as many sub-categories down to as many levels as you wish.

Finally, you may want to arrange your categories in a specific order. Using the sort order tool, you can display categories in any order you wish.

Maintain Products  (Click thumbnail for full sized image)
Once you have created the basic structure, it's time to add products (items) to them Again, using a simple system of icons and forms, you can add, edit, and delete items.

Among the many aspects of each item that you can edit are such things as meta description (used for search engine optimization), keywords (used for both search engine optimization and internal Smart Search functionality), MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price), Price Each, Cost, and more.

Also included are a number of settings such as to whether the item is taxable, whether the item can be discounted using promotional codes, and more. You may even create individual promotional codes on a "per item" basis.

Catalog Settings  (Click thumbnail for full sized image)
Using the settings screen, you can control virtually every aspect of item presentation. Settings are divided into five main sections: General Settings, Catalog Display Page Options, Category Display Page Options, Product Display Page Options, and Product Image Options.

Each section of the settings screen contains multiple settings for managing such things as rows and columns of categories, rows and columns of itemss, page width, custom header and footer pages, display of product SKU, display of item price, and much more.

Preview Catalog
Click this icon to open your catalog in a new window. You can browse around just as a shopper would.

Code Generator
Use the code generator to automatically write the HTML code you need to connect to your web site.

Using the Administrator to manage your online catalog is simple and straightforward. Should you encounter any difficulty, context-sensitive help is available throughout the Administrator to guide you through any operation.


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