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Your Catalog Must Stand Above
Face it, with so many choices available to shoppers on the internet, your ecommerce site must compete for customers. You spend time, effort, and money bringing traffic to your website, but once they are there, you must dazzle them with your presentation. That's where Agenne View comes in.

Full Featured and Powerful
View presents an easy-to-navigate web catalog of your products with pages you may customize to your preferences.
Create a stunning presentation of your products using the ability to display a custom header and footer for all catalog and individual item pages!

Easily create, update, delete, and modify attributes and prices of your items with our sophisticated, intuitive browser-based administrator. You can manage your items quickly and directly, easily finding and listing items you wish to edit or delete. The simple tree structure makes it easy to add or delete categories. You can easily activate and deactivate full categories for display purposes or for seasonal or clearance merchandise.

Dynamic Content Management and Design
Using our icon-driven, browser-based administrator, you may adapt the layout and design of the ecommerce software to meet your item display and site design needs.

With the addition of your own HTML page headers, footers, and wallpaper, along with simple cascading style sheet customization, you can create a stunning catalog to show off your products! The dynamic content management allows you to instantly add, edit, or delete any item and these changes are immediately applied.
Sample Pages

Browser-Based Administration
Our web-based, icon-driven adminstration system includes comprehensive product management and complete control over categories, category relationships, products, and more.

Simple HTML Setup
With as little as a single line of HTML code, View can be added to your web site! More advanced functionality can be attained by using standard HTML form submissions and links. There are no scripts to run, nothing to download, no expensive hardware to buy, and never a setup fee. Just add some simple HTML code to your existing site and the software does the rest! All required HTML code can be automatically created using the built-in Code Generator.
HTML Code Samples

Free and Unlimited Free Technical Support
Unlike most other internet technology companies, we do not leave you out in the cold. If you need help setting up or using our ecommerce software, we are here with free and unlimited technical assistance. In addition, we offer FAQs and tutorials for setting up and using our ecommerce software.

Automatic Integration with CustomCart
Do you need ecommerce capability too? CustomCart ecommerce software will automatically integrate with View, adding an "Add to Cart" button right on the product display page! Nothing to setup, just sign up for CommerceSuite (a combination of CustomCart and View) and save money! Learn more about CustomCart by visiting

Automatic Integration with Registry Valet
Adding a gift registry to your ecommerce web site can increase traffic to your site and build sales! Registry Valet gift registry software automatically integrates with View, adding an "Add to Registry" button right on the item display page! You can even sign up for GiftSuite ecommerce software (a combination of View, CustomCart, Registry Valet and our Mailing List Manager) and save money! Learn more about Registry Valet by visiting

Smart Search
One of the most overlooked aspects of any ecommerce website is the ability for shoppers to easily find the items they want to buy. Our advanced Smart Search system provides an intuitive and easy-to-manage search facility that will help you sell more. Using its predictive engine, Smart Search can be configured to present relevant suggestions based on your customers' search habits. With both a TypeAhead feature within the form field and a drop-down list of additional suggestions, relevant terms are presented to your customers as they type. An accurate search will present shoppers with items that they are likely to buy.

In addition, matching items as well as matching category links are presented to the shopper on the results page. You may also custom configure the results page by specifying rows and columns to display as well as whether the item SKU and/or item price are displayed.
Learn more about Smart Search

Web Marketing Features
One key to successful ecommerce is online marketing. View allows you to specify keywords as well as a brief description for each item which are used to create "meta tags" that are embedded into the code of each page. These meta tags are used by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to index your pages. By carefully selecting keywords and using them in the main description of each item, you automatically help optimize your pages for the search engines.

To compete in today's internet selling environment, you need every advantage you can get. A beautiful and powerful web catalog puts you at the forefront of web technology and sales competion. At just $39 per month, View is a powerful, scalable, and cost-effective solution.

Start Your FREE Test Drive Today!
Sign up today and take as much time as you like to setup and test our software with your web site. When you sign up, View is in "Test Mode" and operates completely free of charge until you switch to "Live Mode". While in test mode there are limits only to daily page visits - once you go live, this limitation is removed. And your first 30 days in "Live Mode" are Free. Sign up today!


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