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Mailing List Manager Features
  • Complete email address database management system
  • Add, edit, and delete email addresses with ease
  • Mailings can be sent in either straight text or HTML including any graphic elements you wish to use
  • Send test mailings to yourself to guarantee that your mailing looks exactly the way you wish before you send it to your mailing list
  • Export your mailing list to Excel-compatible .csv file format
  • Automatically integrates with CustomCart and Registry Valet to collect email addresses from customers who visit your site
  • Automatic email address validation upon entry
  • Logs the date and time that a new address is added
  • Automatic and manual email address categorization
  • Create as many specific categories as you wish in addition to two automatic categories: web (for visitors to your site who choose to add their email address to your list) and orders (for customers who make a purchase)
  • Can send targeted emails based on your pre-defined categories
Easy to Use
The most important feature of Mailing List Manager is its ease of use. Every function within the web based administrator operates with just a click of the mouse. It is a simple operation to add, edit, or delete email addresses within the system. Create stunning HTML mailings for a completely professional look and feel! If necessary, export your mailing list to an Excel-compatible format.

Complete Email Design Flexibility
Using simple HTML code, you can design a dazzling email to send to any or all of your mailing list. By combining graphic and text elements along with a custom background wallpaper, your mailing will stand out from the others. If you prefer to send plain text emails, Mailing List Manager can accommodate that as well. Simply enter the text that you wish to send, select the mailing list category (or categories or complete list) and send your message.

Automatic HTML Code Generator
Use our handy HTML code generator to automatically write the simple form that you will need to place on your web site for visitors to add their email addresses to your database.

Email Address Categorization
Assign email addresses within your list to any categories you wish to define. Email address categorization is automatic for addresses entered by visitors to your web site. If you are using CustomCart, when a customer completes an order, and opts in to your mailing list, their email address is added to your list and automatically categorized as someone who placed an order. In addition, when you are ready to send mailings, you may send to any or all categories on your list. This allows you to send specially targeted emails for enhanced customer relationship management.

Automatic Integration
Mailing List Manager automatically integrates with our CustomCart commerce system and Registry Valet gift registry software to collect email addresses from customers if they so choose.

Terms of Service
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