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GiftSuite Ecommerce Software
Start with just a single line of HTML! Using this one simple line, you can integrate powerful ecommerce software with your website: (where 000 is your client site ID)

There is very little additional coding that must be done to integrate GiftSuite ecommerce software with your website since most forms and links already exist inside the catalog (for example, the "Add to Cart" and "Add to Registry" buttons appear automatically on every product display page). But, there may be cases where you want to include various links and buttons on other (non-catalog) pages of your site. Some of the links and buttons that you may wish to include are:

  • Catalog home page. This is the "root" of your ecommerce catalog and where most shoppers will begin browsing the products you carry
  • Direct links to categories or products. For ease of navigation, you may want to place links directly to particular categories or products within your web catalog
  • "View Cart" link. You may wish to have a link directly to the cart contents page on some or all of the pages on your web site.
  • "Order Status" link. In order to help keep your customers up-to-date on the status of their order, you may wish to include a link directly to the order status system
  • "Smart Search" form. You may wish to include the Smart Search form on various pages of your ecommerce catalog.
  • Gift Registry pages. You may wish to include links to the registry Create, Manage, and Login pages on your home page.
  • "Add to Cart" buttons. These are the workhorses of the ecommerce system. These buttons are automatically included on every product page, but you may want to present an item for sale right on your home page and display an "add to cart" button next to it.
  • "Add to Registry" buttons. You may want to include one next to the item on your home page alongside the "add to cart" button listed above.
All of the above links and forms are created very simply using GiftSuite's Code Generator software. In the case of simple links, such as the "View Cart" link, you merely copy-and-paste a line of HTML presented in the code generator. In the case of forms, such as the Add-to-Cart button, all you do is fill out a form in the code generator and the proper html will be automatically generated for you to copy-and-paste onto your website.

If you want to have a "View Cart" link on any page of your web site, simply use the following link: (where 000 is your client site ID)

As you can see from the above, the HTML required to connect GiftSuite ecommerce software to your website is simple and straightforward. And, you may use the code generator to automatically write the HTML that you will need to integrate your web site and the ecommerce software. Then just cut-and-paste the code right into your site!

There are many other ways that you can connect the ecommerce software to your website and many other options that are available.

We Can Help!
Are you concerned about creating the HTML code yourself? We are available to help you at no charge via our Internet Support Request system, email support, and direct phone help. For a small fee, we can even do it for you - contact us today for a price quotation.

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