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GiftSuite Ecommerce Software

Browser-Based Ecomerce Software Administrator

GiftSuite's intuitive icon-driven user interface makes managing your ecommerce software as easy as possible. Your online catalog is easy to setup using our simple category manager:

Managing the items you sell is just as easy with the item manager system:

Proactive Search Engine Optimization
Not only is GiftSuite ecommerce software search engine friendly, it proactively tells you when you have items that are not setup in an optimal way. In the image above, you see fields that are highlighted in red. This indicates that there is a problem with missing or incorrect information. When you double-click an item to edit, it will tell you exactly which fields need attention. Active Search Engine Optimization helps make sure that your catalog pages rank as high as possible in the search engines!
Every function is right at your fingertips. Order processing functions including shipping orders whether complete or partial, editing, canceling, even un-canceling orders are simple and straightforward.

All ecommerce settings including shipping charges and even which shipping charge model you are currently using can be updated at any time.

Use the code generator software to automatically write the HTML code you need to add shopping cart links and catalog pages to your web site.

Business Intelligence Dashboard
With the Business Intelligence Dashboard, you can access pre-configured key performance indicators and graphical reports showing you trends and sales comparisons over various periods. You can drill down from high-level sales data for months, weeks, and days all the way to individual orders. Our business graphics are flash-based and interactive, allowing you access to sales numbers simply by passing your mouse over graphs.
(Click the Dashboard icon to view a sample dashboard)

Context-Sensitive Help
Using the Administrator to manage your ecommerce system is simple and straightforward. Should you encounter any difficulty, context-sensitive help is available throughout the Administrator to guide you through any operation.

And if you really get stuck, free & unlimited technical support is just a phone call away!

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