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GiftSuite Ecommerce Software

Open your own online store including a gift registry with GiftSuite!

GiftSuite is a full-featured ecommerce system plus the power of Registry Valet ® gift registry / wishlist software that you plug into your existing web site with simple html links and forms. It includes a complete online catalog of all of your items as well as a fully secure shopping cart solution so your customers can buy the items you sell right online.

With the power of our Registry Valet ® gift registry software included, your customers can create gift registries or wish lists right on your web site!

Don't have a web site yet? We can help you with that too! Hosting packages start at just $9 per month.

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Complete Design Flexibility!

Present a stunning, easy-to-navigate presentation of your items with pages you may customize to match the look and feel of your website. Cross-Sell and Up-Sell capabilities allow you to promote complementary or higher quality products.

Easily create, update, delete, and modify attributes and prices of your items with our sophisticated, intuitive browser-based Administrator. You can manage your catalog quickly and directly, easily finding and listing products to change.

Copy, move, and sort items in your catalog by just dragging and dropping - what could be easier?

The simple tree structure makes it easy to add or delete categories. You can easily activate and deactivate full categories for display purposes or for seasonal or clearance merchandise.

The streamlined checkout process speeds the shopper through to the final receipt page, eliminating unnecessary steps and combining functions, which will help reduce lost sales due to abandoned shopping carts (common in ecommerce).

Using industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure fully secure checkout and data integrity, our ecommerce software conforms to the highest standards of internet security.

Track your sales in real time using the Business Intelligence Dashboard. Compare daily, week-to-date, month-to-date, and year-to-date sales at a glance with interactive flash-based business graphics.

Proactive Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

GiftSuite is so advanced, it actually tells you when you are displaying items on your web site that are not setup correctly for search engine optimization. System alerts and editing screen warnings let you know immediately if any item has SEO issues and directs you to the right place to correct them. The more optimized your items are, the more traffic your site will get and the more sales will grow!

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Free Mailing List Manager

Mailing List Manager integrates with the cart to automatically add the shopper's email address to your database if they so choose and keeps it separate from the email addresses from visitors to your web site who may wish to add their email address to your database without making a purchase. This allows you to send carefully targeted mailings to both customers and non-customers. Mailing recipients can remove their email address from your list at any time. You may also add a signup page to your website with a single HTML link or embed the signup form directly into any HTML page. The Mailing List Manager adminstrator allows you fully manage your database including adding, editing, categorizing (unlimited categories) and removing email addresses.

And best of all, our mailing list manager system is included free with GiftSuite at no charge!

Full Featured and Powerful

GiftSuite ecommerce software is easy for your customers to use. Start with the catalog which presents your products to your customers with pages you customize to your preferences. The cart is a full-featured, yet simple checkout engine which supports credit card processors including Authorizenet, Innovative Merchant Solutions, TransFirst, and many more for easy payment acceptance.
Combining sophisticated operation, powerful, scalable product management, and seamless integration, GiftSuite ecommerce software enables you to jump-start your online presence with the basics then grow as your needs change.

GiftSuite ecommerce software includes instant reports with eye-popping interactive, flash-based, business graphics to keep you up-to-date and in touch with your items and customers.

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Smart Search

One of the most overlooked aspects of any ecommerce website is the ability for shoppers to find the items they want to buy. GiftSuite provides an intuitive and easy-to-manage search facility that will help you sell more. Using its predictive engine, the system can be configured to present relevant suggestions based on your customers' search habits. With both a TypeAhead feature within the form field and a drop-down list of additional suggestions, Smart Search can present relevant suggestions to your customers as they type. An accurate search will present shoppers with items most likely to interest them.

In addition, matching items as well as matching category links are presented to the shopper on the search results page. You may also custom configure the results page by specifying rows and columns to display as well as whether the item SKU and/or item price are displayed.

Easy to Customize

GiftSuite can be easily customized to your ecommerce website's look and feel thanks to Cascading Style Sheets and custom page headers and footers. Every button and link in View, CustomCart, and Mailing List Manager can be controlled by simply setting the style within the custom HTML page header. Create your own HTML headers and footers to customize the look of your ecommerce system.

Visit our Merchant Gallery to see how others have customized GiftSuite

Scalable Performance

GiftSuite's underlying architecture is designed to scale up as your business needs grow and change. No matter how many categories and products and regardless of the number of visitors to your site, GiftSuite ecommerce software has the scalable power to deliver.

Simple HTML Setup

GiftSuite ecommerce software can be added to any web site using standard HTML form submissions and links. There are no scripts to run, nothing to download, no expensive hardware to buy. Just add some simple HTML code to your existing site and GiftSuite ecommerce software does the rest! All required HTML code can be automatically created using the browser-based administrator's built-in Code Generator.

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Web-Based Administration

GiftSuite's web-based, icon-driven system adminstrator system includes comprehensive business reporting as well as full management of orders, products, product categories and more.

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FREE Test Drive - for as long as you like!

Sign up today and take as much time as you like to setup and test GiftSuite ecommerce software with your site. When you sign up, the software is in "Test Mode" and operates completely free of charge until you switch to "Live Mode" (a quick and easy process). You may keep GiftSuite in "Test Mode" for as long as you like - no limits here!

To start your free test drive, just click the "Start Test Drive" button on the right side of this page. Start your free test drive today!

There is no contract, no obligation, and you may cancel your service at any time. There are no transaction fees, no setup fee, no hidden fees - ever.


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