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Ecommerce Professional Services

Professional Services bring skills and expertise to help optimize business performance.

To succeed in today's competitive environment, businesses must adapt to increased digital complexity and consumer behavioral volatility, drive operational excellence while enabling collaboration across enterprise functions, and manage growth amidst constant change.

Whatever your business need, Agenne Professional Services can provide you with direct access to Agenne's specialized skills and expertise designing and building reliable, scalable software and systems.

Business & Ecommerce strategy

Create new business models, benchmark against key competitors, increase competitive effectiveness, and drive sales growth through innovation and unique value propositions.

Finance and risk

Improve forecasting and reporting, develop predictive capabilities, reduce enterprise risk, and optimize your finance organization.

Information technology and inter-connectivity

Leverage technology to connect your in-house systems with your online presence to maximize efficiency while minimizing your internal workload. Improve enterprise document transfer and management using the AgenneBridge Secure Document Transfer Suite and Agenne Professional Services installation and training.

Social Media, marketing, sales and service

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, increased mobility, adoption of digital sales channels, and increased consumer expectations are just a few of the factors fundamentally reshaping customer interaction. Maximize every interaction with customers to generate referrals and repeat business. Integrate, analyze, and manage marketing using innovative Agenne technology such as AgenneCRM™ Customer Relationship Management Software which results in increased revenue and reduced costs.

Operations and supply chain

Improve your operating model and interconnect end-to-end supply chain functions for optimized process efficiency and effectiveness.
Professional Services

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